Ironwood Partners, LLC Lean Management Systems and Patient Capital

Employing Lean Management Systems and Patient Capital

To Improve Operating Performance and Provide Investors with Long-Term Capital Appreciation

Ironwood Partners LLC, through funds it controls, invests primarily in manufacturing and distribution companies that can benefit from the implementation of 'lean business systems'. These systems incorporate a set of management principles and practices developed by the Toyota Motor Company. Successful implementation of these systems improves business performance, cash generation and productivity by focusing on the elimination of all waste and improving customer satisfaction. These improvements create an opportunity to add to organic growth through acquisition of complimentary product line revenue streams.

In all instances, we make moderately leveraged investments which will result in a diversified portfolio of middle market companies with enterprise value of less than $100 million. The majority of these investments will be in the manufacturing and distribution sectors. In special instances where our partners have extensive experience in industrial areas outside the ones mentioned above, we will invest in companies where our expertise and experience make us a value-added partner.

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